Agile Scaling Experts is an extraordinary team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about helping organizations and individuals establish and grow their adoption of Agile practices throughout the enterprise.

We are a preferred provider of SAFe® Certification classes which will give you the tools you need for successful Agile transformations. See our Founder Profiles for more background.

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Our Mission

To unlock the intrinsic potential of groups of people to deliver value beyond their own expectations.

Through the adoption of Lean-Agile practices, and then Scaling these practices, we align enterprises along their Business Value Streams.


Founder Profiles

Asim Javed

Asim Javed

M.Sc. (Oxon), SAFe SPC, RTE

Arun Saraswat

Arun Saraswat


Rashid Smith

Rashid Smith



We provide the very best educational experience you’ve ever had. Period. We guarantee it: If you don’t certify on your first attempt, we’ll pay the retest fee.


We strive to master our knowledge areas, but we can’t know everything and are honest with ourselves and you about that. That’s why we bring in experts as required to illustrate industry best practices in our classes.

Continuous Learning

We embrace the fact that life is a journey of learning, and as Instructors we are both your teachers and students. Each class is an opportunity for all of us to learn, and the emphasis we put on this in the classroom is what sets us apart.